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Water - Sewerage - Electricity Pipeline Inspection, Testing, Cleaning & Repair

We work closely with the Water and Sewerage departments throughout Europe offering services that include; Internal Pipe Inspection, the services provided include Surveying, Testing, Cleaning and Rehabilitation.

The Pipe inspection vehicles used, inspect and test partially surcharged to pressurised pipes, tunnels, aqueducts, culverts, penstocks, adits and long sea outfalls, Electric Power Plant Cooling Pipes in both flowing and static water.

The long distance internal Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIV) cover distances of more than 24
kilometres from a single entry point and currently operate from within 50mm to 6000mm +
diameter pipes (subject to site conditions).

Combining 100% data capture with a broad range of inspection and Non-Destructive Testing
(NDT) techniques to provide clients with vital asset condition information, from previously
inaccessible areas.

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